Greg Rothman protected our freedoms as a United States Marine and is fighting for our Republican priorities in Harrisburg.
-Declines the state pension, per diems and other lavish perks.

-Fought back against Governor Wolf’s unconstitutional mandates and massive tax increase.

-Protected our lives and livelihoods during these uncertain times.

-Secured funding and resources for our first responders and frontline worker.

-Passed legislation to promote transparency instate government.

-Authored legislation that prohibited the City of Harrisburg from charging a “commuter tax”.

-Passed fiscally responsible balanced budgets that did not increase taxes on our hardworking families and seniors on fixed incomes.

-Enacted pro-growth policies that have enabled the private sector to protect and create family-sustaining jobs.

-Expanded domestic violence and rape crisis programs to cover more victims.

-Defended the sanctity of human life and our 2nd Amendment rights.

-Sponsored legislation to help our veterans.