Stopping Out Of Control Taxes And Spending

As a small business owner, Greg Rothman knows we can’t possibly afford the type of tax and spend proposals that Governor Wolf has proposed. Greg will use his small business background to make sure that we pass responsible spending plans that do not ask taxpayers for more of their hard earned dollars.
Reforming Our Liquor System

It’s time to end the government monopoly on liquor sales and bring convenience and choice to Pennsylvania’s outdated liquor system. We need to make sure that we offer the consumers the choice, convenience, and low prices they deserve. A good first step is to end the monopoly on liquor and wine sales that the state stores enjoy today. Instead, let’s put convenience in the system so that people can buy spirits, wine, and beer exactly where we shop.
Creating Good Paying Jobs

Greg knows what it’s like to sign the front of the paycheck, and with that experience he knows what it takes to create jobs. Government has never created a job, but hard working entrepreneurs have been creating them for years. As your State Representative, Greg will use his private sector experience and good Cumberland County common sense to help protect jobs and create an environment where job creators can flourish.