Dear friends,

I’m extremely grateful that so many of you were an important part of my special election victory last August, because I couldn’t have done it without you.  While we have made positive steps forward, there is still a lot to be accomplished for citizens of the 87th District and the rest of Pennsylvania.

Beginning on January 26th, I will have three weeks to gather at least 300 signatures from registered Republican voters across the 87th District in order for my name to appear on the ballot for the upcoming primary election on April 26th.

We must gather physical signatures on the official petition forms and file them with the Department of State by February 16th.  Unfortunately, this cannot be done electronically, so I am asking for your help once again.

If you're a registered Republican voter who lives in the 87th District and are interested in signing my petition, please fill out the information below and I'll make arrangements to get a form to you.

It would be even more helpful if you are willing to gather signatures from other Republican voters.  If you’re able, I will see that along with a petition form, you will receive a list of other registered Republican voters in your neighborhood.

The 87th District includes all of Camp Hill Borough, East Pennsboro, Hampden Township, and half of Silver Spring Township, all in Cumberland County.

This year’s election is as important as ever and there is no time to lose!  I promise to continue fighting for you every day in Harrisburg and to always work toward real, common sense solutions for the problems facing our commonwealth - but I can’t do that without your continued support.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to working with you soon.

-- Greg

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